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Golf for Health - Blue Tees and White Tees

White Tees: **All levels welcome**  This golf readiness program is 10 weeks in length focusing on rotational mobility, strength, flexibility and cardio endurance. Moving from station to station in circuit, you'll sweat, laugh and feel better about stepping onto that first tee of the season! [mindbody_button title="Signup Now ›"]

Blue Tees:  **Please note this is the more advanced class of the 2 Golf for Health classes. ** This is due to more cardio and strength moves, quick transitions from station to station and the ability to get up from the floor in a speedy manner.

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Chatting with Kelly and John: Celebrating 40 Years of Physical Therapy Associates

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, Kelly Risse got together with Physical Therapy Associates' Founder John Risse to chat. Thank you to everyone who helped make Physical Therapy Associates a lasting part of the community.

Chatting with Kelly Risse and John Risse Part I

Chatting with Kelly Risse and John Risse Part II