Sandy Zimmerman-American Ninja Warrior

We would like to introduce you to Sandy Zimmerman, one of Physical Therapy Associates' famous clients!  Sandy is an American Ninja Warrior!  She competed in Seasons 8 and 9 of American Ninja Warrior.  Sandy's entire family has caught the ninja bug.  In Arizona a few weeks ago, Sandy won the women's pro division and masters division, her 11 year old son took 2nd in his division and her 9 year old daughter took 1st in her division.  Sandy's 6 year old son was allowed to compete in the 7-9 division and took 3rd and Sandy's husband, Charlie took 4th in the amateur men's and 2nd in the masters.  The ENTIRE family qualified for REGIONALS!

Sandy teaches ninja warrior classes and holds events in her backyard which is affectionately called the Ninja Fortress.  April 28th, there will be a UNAA sectioned competition being held at the Ninja Fortress.

Sandy has been through many highs and lows through her career and Physical Therapy Associates has been involved in helping through some major injuries and also back into training.

Good Luck to the whole family competing at Regionals this year!