Kids Triathlon 2018 Recap!

The weather was just perfect on Friday, July 20th, for the 4th annual Kids Triathlon. The temperature sat in the mid 80's, hot enough to feel good in the pool, but not so hot for the run and bike parts of the race.
There were almost 80 participants this year, which is a record.   Even with the record turnout, everything for the event went smoothly. Kids were having fun every direction you looked.
When it came to the swimming part of the race, all the kids did great in the pool.  Two of the Physical Therapy Associates staff members were actually in the pool swimming alongside the kids, cheering them on. There were volunteers outside of the pool, making sure the different groups of kids were getting lined up and ready.   More volunteers helped the kids with towels coming out of the pool to hit the Bike Corral.
Volunteers would grab the bikes for the kids and hand them off, help with helmets or tying laces.  It was awesome!  There were little kids with training wheels just pushing their little hearts out over the grass!
After the triathlon, there was a BBQ with sausage, hot dogs, chips, and popsicles.
Everyone did awesomely.  Physical Therapy Associates is thankful for our staff and volunteers who helped make the event a success.